Phase 3: Using the app


Are you an HIV+ Black/African American

cisgender man OR trans woman

in a romantic relationship?

Do you use mobile apps?

You Can Earn Up to $390 Joining Phase 3 of the LetSync Study


Phase 3 is a randomized control trial where you and your partner will try out the LetSync app for 8 months. 

Why is Phase 3 being done? 

We would like to learn more about how mobile apps may help Black men living with HIV in couples manage their treatment and care. 

Where will Phase 3 of this study happen? 

All study activities will be remote (e.g., via Zoom) from the convenience of your home or a private place.

What will happen if I take part in Phase 3 of this study? 

  • You and your partner will complete a baseline interview (separately from one another).
  • You will both be randomized to one of two groups: Group A and Group B.
    • If you are randomized to Group A, you will receive and use the LetSync app for 8 months.
    • If you are randomized to Group B, you will not receuve and use the LetSync app during the study. However, you may use it once the study is over. 
  • At each study timepoint, we will ask you to:
    • Complete an online survey, AND
    • Mail us a hair sample using a collection kit we send to you. You do not need to pay anything to send us the hair sample (we will send you a pre-paid shipping label). We will only measure levels of antiretroviral (ARV) medication in your hair, and only with your permission.
  • You will be reimbursed for your time for each study visit or follow up wave you complete.

How long will Phase 3 take?

Study follow ups will happen at certain intervals over an 8-month period, and you will be asked to use the LetSync app throughout the study. 

What will I be paid for participating in Phase 3 of the study? 

  • You will both earn up to $390 over 8 months.