Meet Our Team


Judy Tan, Principal Investigator (she/her)

Dr. Judy Y. Tan is the Principal Investigator of the LetSync Team. She is a social psychologist and Assistant Professor in the Division of Prevention Science, Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, at UCSF, with graduate certifications in Quantitative Research Methods and Health Psychology. She is interested in how social inequality manifests in health disparities among racial/ethnic, sexual, and gender minority communities in the U.S. Her current research focuses on developing mobile health interventions to address health disparities.

Dr. Tan is an immigrant and the first in her family to attend college. Dr. Tan identifies as queer, Asian/Pacific Islander, and cis woman. She leads The LetSync Study because she believes that the couple is a potential source of strength and resilience for individuals from racial/ethnic, sexual, and gender minority communities.


Jovon Bright, Community Liaison/Recruiter (he/him)

Jovon Bright is the Community Liaison and Recruiter for the LetSync team. Jovon has experience with social work and clinical work serving people living with HIV, People of Color, transgender, and same-gender loving clients. Since Jovon arrived in the Bay Area in 2008, his personal connection to this work has driven his engagment and development. He has volunteered, become a certified HIV/HepC Counselor, and achieved a Phlebotomy certification, becoming increasingly involved with HIV-specialized work.


Cindy Kim, Research Coordinator (she/her)

Hyunjin (Cindy) Kim is the Clinical Research Coordinator of the LetSync Team. She has a background in Public Health, specifically in Behavioral Science and Health Education. 

While she holds many research interests, she is most interested in using mobile tools to improve health outcomes, along with learning about peoples' stories to better understand their behaviors and what influences them. Cindy was drawn to work with LetSync out of her goal to address health disparities. She believes that there is more work to be done to eliminate stigma surrounding HIV.



Samantha Marco, Research Interviewer/Recruiter (she/her)

Samantha is the Research Interviewer and Recruiter of the LetSync Team. She is a recent graduate from California State University Northridge with a focus in social and behavioral sciences. Since graduation, Samantha has become a certified Substance Abuse Counselor and has worked extensively with underrepresented populations, including homeless populations, individuals living with mental illness, and HIV.

She has dedicated her career to providing care and resources to these populations. For this reason, she was very excited to join a team dedicated to integrating mobile technology and health. Samantha believes in holistic care; she believes understanding one's story on a personal level is a vital key to addressing major health disparities.